Join I AM WATER Ocean Travel for a once in a lifetime marine wildlife adventure… on one breath!



‘The Last Wilderness’, our flagship awareness project, charts a journey around the world capturing unique encounters with large marine creatures, exploring our Last Wilderness on earth. The I AM WATER Team has been capturing exquisite still and video footage for our awareness films, exhibitions and books. We invite you to join us on our journey and our work through these once-off exclusive trips to some of the best dive locations in the world!

You will be taught the art of freediving, the joy of moving through the water with ease and grace- you will immerse yourself in the aquatic, physically and mentally. You will learn the physiology of the human body underwater, the mammalian dive response we share with whales, dolphins and seals and how our bodies carry the memory of water. Your hosts are top freedivers and watermen; you will be safe and inspired to explore your depths.

Each day will begin with a yoga session, to prepare your lungs and body for deep breaths and time underwater, learning to control your breathing and slow your heart-rate. You will be offered breath-holding training on land, in water as well as deep diving sessions along a rope to prepare you for meeting the animals.

Every day will allow you the chance to dive deeper, become more confident and understand your place on this blue planet. Our extensive knowledge of freediving and the animals we encounter guarantees you a safe and comfortable adventure into this Last Wilderness. This unique ocean experience is open to all ages and fitness levels, we customize the days to your ability and comfort.

Your hosts will train you and guide you into their world of big animal encounters. You will have the opportunity to share the experiences of the I AM WATER team as they interact with the animals, capturing world class images for THE LAST WILDERNESS film and book. Copies of images of yourself in this magnificent environment as well as a signed copy of the book will be offered to each participant.  

I AM WATER believes in Ocean Conservation through Human Experience. Those who have opened their eyes underwater, those who have seen the beauty, the majesty, the great marine creatures of the world beneath the waves will learn to love, and to protect.  Please join us on our next adventure!