I AM WATER at Northlands Girls’ High School


On the first of April, I had the priviledge of going to Northlands Girls’ High School in Durban, South Africa to give a talk to 126 Grade 8 girls about I AM WATER and our misison of ocean conservation through human experience.


It was extremely inspiring and gratifying for me to spend time with such insightful, aware and enthusiastic young ladies. I have so much hope for the future knowing that these young ladies are the future custodians of our oceans. Three of the Grade 8’s, Airi, Jodi, and Rita, very kindly wrote about their experience of my talk. See what they had to say…

- Beth Neale 


Thanks to Beth Neale for coming to our school and teaching us more about ocean conservation. 


Beth’s talk truly inspired me, and when Beth told us she is a mermaid the first thing I thought was that she had to have a blue tail.


Beth’s talk made me recognise what is around me and that the oceans really should be protected. I wish that every person that walks along the beach and sees a piece of litter will pick it up because otherwise the sea creatures might eat it, because the sea creatures don't know that it's rubbish and not food.


The video of Beth saying "hello" to the dolphin taught me that any animal can be communicated with. It doesn't matter what type of animal it is. 


The other clip Beth showed us of the free diver, diving into the hole was also inspirational, as it showed me what beautiful things there are deep under the ocean.


Then when Beth showed us the fin that a free diver dives with, I was amazed because it was not the same as the fins I would usually use when I am practicing for swimming because the fin was about five times as long and it was not just made of rubber. I would not mind swimming with diver’s fins like the ones Beth showed us.

Thank you for coming to Northlands Girls' High school in Durban. I'm sure all the Grade 8s really enjoyed it and took something away with them.


By: Alri van Vuuren

Grade: 8Wi

Northlands Girls' High School

On break up day we had an 'I AM WATER' talk by Beth Neale, who came to our school and simply inspired me to save our beaches and to conserve our water. I found the talk very educational and I feel that Beth could relate to me really well. 


I loved the video clip that Beth showed us of her 'talking' to the Dolphins. She also educated us on various sea life and showed us a video clip of a shark, which I am really scared of, and how if you know how  to read their moods they are not so scary. Beth also interested me in the amazing sport called free diving which is when you go diving without an oxygen tank. It was amazing to see how people could hold their breath for so long!


I personally love  the beach and I wanted to help conserve the ocean but I  didn't know how I  could help.  I would like to thank Mrs Beales for getting 'I AM WATER' to come and talk to my school because I now know how I can help save our oceans.


I would also like to thank Hanli Prinsloo for starting 'I AM WATER'. I didn't know how polluted our oceans were until Beth spoke to us and I am now trying to save the beaches in any possible way I can.


Most of all I would like to thank Beth Neale for taking her time to talk to us .If it weren’t for her I would never have known about free diving and the extent of water pollution. 

Thank you 'I AM WATER' for inspiring me and my peers. I hope we can save one beach at a time.for inspiring me and my peers. I hope we can save one beach at a time.


By: Jodi Kondiah

Grade: 8MO

Northlands Girls' High School


On a Friday morning, Beth Neale came to Northlands Girls’ High School to give a wonderful talk about water conservation and about a foundation that tries to protect our ocean. This foundation is called 'I AM WATER'. She is a very beautiful woman with the biggest, warmest and welcoming smile.


She didn’t come dressed in a suit, she wore a navy blue vest that had the 'I AM WATER' at the back and also wore a gorgeous denim skirt. She continued to speak about how she believes mermaids are real which I do not. She is a free spirited person who really cares about conserving the ocean.


The founder of the 'I AM WATER' is Hanli Prinsloo. The foundation only wants to conserve our rare species of sea creatures. Beth Neale showed us a video of how they dive out in the ocean and get to swim and meet these rare species.


Beth Neale also mentioned that there are many sea animals that are becoming extinct because of our pollution in the environment. For example, when we throw plastic into the ocean they travel deep down where these creatures live, they don’t know what the plastic is so they think it is food so they swallow the plastics. They start choking and they eventually die.


This speech made me realize what we do as humans in our daily lives just polluting the environment without thinking and also it inspired me to pass this message around to people who think I have heard the same thing over and over again. Thank you to Mrs Beales for organising such an insightful talk.


By: Rita Owam Sidlova

Grade: 8Wi

Northlands Girls’ High School


Thanks to Jeanie Beales for the opportunity of me talking to the girls. I AM WATER’s outreach programme can easily come and visit your school and give a presentation so please feel free to get in touch with us at iamwaterfoundation.org


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