Kids on the Reef - Bermuda - Spring 2015


Despite living walking distance to the shoreline, many Bermudian young people have never seen the world just beneath the waves. With no exposure to the wonder and excitement of the ocean, how would Bermuda‚Äôs future generations appreciate their own big blue backyard? 

2015 saw the 3rd consecutive year of Kids on the Reef courses run in the beautiful blue waters and colourful Bermuda reefs.


A happy salty kid from Kids on the Reef Bermuda! Kids on the Reef is an I AM WATER & Bermuda Zoological Society partnership supported by XL Catlin.



Kids on the Reef is an active two-day classroom and immersion program teaching the skills and knowledge for youth to become safe freedivers and advocates for global ocean issues facing Bermuda.

The program includes both confined water and open-water freedive instruction along with teaching coral reef ecology, ocean conservation, and personal development through setting goals and coaching mental and body awareness.

Kids on the Reef is taught by a certified I AM WATER global instructor and education staff from Bermuda Aquarium, Museum & Zoo.  One of the unique parts of the Kids on the Reef program is the access each participant gets to be coached by I AM WATER global team instructors including world-record holding athletes, marine science experts, international filmmakers and ocean storytellers.


Kids on the Reef targets middle school aged, underprivileged youth getting them salty in the ocean and building their blue minds. This year we got more kids in the water than ever before, 144 M1 (7th graders) got to open their eyes underwater, I AM WATER Freediving Instructors Hanli, Peter and Beth taught a certified Freediving Course to 20 new local coaches in order to further the Alumni program and assist with Kids on the Reef moving forwards.

The I AM WATER team is very proud of this partnership with the Bermuda Zoological Society and the committed guidance of Dr Alexandra Amat. Without the support of XL Catlin, the growth of Kids on the Reef would never have been possible and we are grateful for the visionary leadership within XL Catlin that has made this company a leader in ocean conservation and exploration.


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