Annelie Pompe - Sweden

Annelie Pompe is a freediver and an adventurer. She has had a world record in freediving to 126m in variable weight, but says freediving is so much more than just depth. It's about you and your inner adventure as well as what you see and experience when underwater! 

It's about meeting another world. Freediving is a beautiful way to experience our underwater world and Annelie will be happy to show you how.


Flavia Eberhard - Brazil

Flavia has been in love with the ocean since her childhood. Being brought up in an island in Brazil, she took part in many water sports but was bellow the surface where she found her real passion. 

In freediving she found a way to connect to this beautiful underwater universe and its creatures  in one of the most natural ways. She is a brazilian and south american freediving champion and Instructor and travels around the world sharing her passion, giving courses and performing talks to help inspire others into joining and understanding better our connectivity to the ocean and our responsibility to preserve it. 

Currently she is presenting a TV series about freediving in the best places in the world.


Sara Campbell - UK / Egypt

I discovered yoga and meditation over ten years ago during a time where my health was failing me due to stress at work and feeling constantly overwhelmed. Little did I know that the tools I learned for stress management, relaxation, clearing my mind and focusing my awareness on positive things, would just a few years later help me to become the deepest woman in the world, diving to over 90 metres on just one breath of air. 

I use nature as my classroom - the depths of the ocean, or the silence of the desert. I welcome all my students to join me for walks and dinners in the mountains as well as physical challenge in the yoga studio and breath holding in the sea. Discover Your Depths is about learning that you are capable of so much more than what you're doing now, or what you believe you can ever achieve. 


Ian Donald - UK

Ian started his freediving journey in 2001 in the warm waters of the Caribbean, diving for crayfish with local fisherman. Despite at the time diving to probably no more than 12m, he realised pretty quickly that there was something magical about spending time underwater. Although then living in London, his thoughts were never far from the sea, returning to the ocean at every opportunity to surf, freedive and swim.

14 years later Ian now lives in Cornwall, is the author of a best selling freediving and foraging book and runs one of the UKs foremost freediving schools 'FreediveUK', teaching hundreds of people every year, from all walks of life, how to unlock their dive reflex.


Joe Knight - Australia

The ocean is my one true love, since i was 8 years old I have explored the oceans depths as it makes me ridiculously happy.

Because of this early addiction to the blue i revolved my whole life around it. I was brought up in a tiny fishing town in the south of Australia and began freediving at the age of 8, I made money to buy my gear from selling trinkets and things i found during my dives, then at 19 I joined the NAVY as a diver and spent 6 years exploring the worlds oceans, I studied both western and eastern medicine for 10 years to discover how to adapt my body better to the ocean... The rest is history. 

I now run a specialist watermanship training organization out of Australia called One Ocean International where i use all the skills i have learned over my life to educate others how to respect and protect the oceans using watermanship training as my tool. I have been lucky enough to study with many champion freedivers and now have the privilege to teach the art of freediving through Apnea Academy under the guidance and wisdom of Umbertto Pelizzari. 

My passion is sharing my love for the ocean and showing people the ocean through my eyes.


Antero Joki - Finland

I spent all my summer as a child by the lake, the whole 2,5 months summer holiday from school. Of course I spent big part of it in the lake swimming or diving. Later I took a scuba diving course and it made me fall in love with the sea. The peacefulness and life under the surface is amazing. About ten years later I got involved with freediving and I was totally lost, in a good way. I found what I had been looking for.

Every time when I have a chance to dive in clear warm sea water, which is not often enough, I feel like "mother sea" is hugging me and welcomes me to dive into the deep blue of hers. I feel so relaxed, peaceful and fulfilled. When I am in harmony with the sea and empty my head from unnecessary thoughts it is possible for me to achieve new meters or learn something new from myself. It keeps me going and I want to help others to enjoy the same pleasure in the sea. .


Diana Garcia - Australia

Diana grew up in Venezuela, and although her education was mainly in Caracas, her family who tried to live their life off the grid as much as possible, was based in the rainforest. As a teenager she had the privilege to spend a substantial amount of time with some of the indigenous tribes of the Orinoco river area in the Amazon, as that was the subject of her father’s doctorate, who is an Anthropologist. Living a self-sustained life, and having nature so embedded in her DNA, Diana’s passion to protect nature and promote sustainable way of living only grew more and more over the years.

Diana did not stop with the dry part of the Earth, but also developed great passion for the ocean. For this reason, she decided to study Marine and Environmental Sciences in Spain, and after dedicating 6 years to it in college, she completed a double degree. She then went to work in the Spanish Oceanographic Institute for a few months and then decided to move to Costa Rica where she expected to live closer to nature.

Accomplishing one of her childhood dreams, Diana became a deep water submersible pilot, the first women pilot to operate a research submersible down to 1500 ft in the remote Cocos Island off the pacific coast of Costa Rica. Combining her scientific background and skills, brought her to successful collaborations with scientists, writing scientific papers and organizing databases and valuable information collected with the submarine.

Diana’s childhood experience, together with her formal Scientific instruction, brought her to believe that the best way to bring change, is to educate kids, for the respect and love of nature, is the key to achieve the change the world needs.

Taking this deep insight she joined I AM WATER, bringing a different perspective of the underwater world after seeing things very few have seen before. She believes sharing her special and unique connection to the ocean can get people to understand that the ocean is indeed three dimensional and the importance of caring and protecting the ocean which we still know very little about.