ONE FOR TWO! Your freediving course will get at least two kids to experience the ocean for the first time… jump in!

The only thing we love more than freediving is sharing freediving with others! Freediving offers you the opportunity to explore the ocean on one breath, with just a mask and fins (and a wetsuit if you’re in Cape Town!)

Our instructors are experienced watermen and women with years of freediving, surfing, swimming and life guarding experience.

All our two-day courses can be certified under Pure Apnea, an internationally recognised freediving education system. In Cape Town & Durban we offer a one-day Surf Apnea course for surfers who want to get into bigger waves or need to boost some in-water confidence for any size waves! 

All proceeds from our courses go to our I AM WATER Education programmes with underprivileged communities, please have a look at OUR WORK.



Cape Town Courses run by I AM WATER / PURE APNEA Instructors Beth Neale & Peter Marshall

Pure Apnea Level One Course

18 & 19th of Feb

Email beth@iamwaterfoundation.org for more information.


Kwa Zulu Natal Spring Freediving Courses, with two new exciting locations!

Durban Courses run by I AM WATER / PURE APNEA Master Instructor Beth Neale

Pure Apnea Level One Course

17,18 & 19th of March

The Durban courses begin at 1pm on the 17th. The schedule is different to the Cape Town Courses because we launch in the ocean for the Durban courses, rather than in the quarry.

Email beth@iamwaterfoundation.org for more information.


I AM WATER Ocean Travel offers intimate wildlife encounters with the ocean’s most majestic creatures from dolphins to seals, humpback whales and manta rays to bull and tiger sharks to name a few. Our team consists of world class freedivers and marine experts who will take you on a once-in-a-lifetime journey into the ocean - mind, body and spirit.





Please email Beth (SA- Durban) on beth@iamwaterfoundation.org | Peter (SA - Cape Town) on peter@iamwaterfoundation.org & email Alana (Australia) on alana@iamwaterfoundation.org for prices and availability, max 4 / course.  All proceeds go to I AM WATER Education projects.