Growing up in the suburbs of Paris, France, Alex did not fall in love with the ocean right away. The Summers spent at the beach on the Channel – between France and England- did not create a call for the Big Blue. After Chemical Engineering School she decided to be part of the solution instead of being part of the problem, as she saw the chemical industry at that point. She wanted to work with water, but fresh or salty? That was the question. Learning scuba diving in a pool the year of her Masters Degree in Oceanography in a land lock university in Paris was the beginning of a passion for the ocean. Her research on Coral Reefs and Climate Change took her around the planet and she got to explore the ocean and its inhabitants up close and personal. 

However, the discovery that ocean acidification has a negative impact on marine calcifiers in the ocean, and especially corals, made her feel inadequate and she decided to take on a new challenge: educating the next generation to spread the word that Mother Nature, and more specifically our Ocean, needs help.   Alex believes that experiential learning is the key. The pieces of the puzzle seem to have fallen into place as she now works with the Education Team at the Bermuda Zoological Society (BZS). She met Hanli and Peter in 2013 and together they created the Kids on the Reefs programme in Bermuda, an ambitious collaboration between I AM WATER & BZS, supported by Catlin Bermuda aiming to get all sixth graders each year into the ocean. Alex took on freediving and the rest is history!