Beth is an avid freediver with a strong commitment to promoting ocean conservation through human experience and education. Having experienced the life changing effect of the ocean herself and the close and intimate encounters with sharks, dolphins, manta rays and many other ocean animals, Beth trained as a freediving instructor to share this love. She is passionately driven to use her skills and experience to introduce as many people as possible to the ocean environment so that they too may be inspired to protect and conserve the ocean. 

Beth joined the I AM WATER Team in December 2014, after working in the wildlife filmmaking industry as a Director and Producer, making films for Smithsonian Network and National Geographic International. Beth uses her art of filmmaking and storytelling to promote a positive and sustainable relationship with the ocean but the favourite part of her job is running I AM WATER’s Education and Outreach programmes in South Africa and Mozambique where she is able to introduce children and adults to the wonders of the ocean for the first time and work with them so that they have the confidence to explore the underwater world, as it is only once they understand and appreciate how precious this resource is that they will want to protect it.