Hanli is an inspired, passionate freediver and ocean advocate. She grew up on a horse farm outside Johannesburg where she at an early age learnt about the beauty, fragility and importance of wilderness. After studies and a career in documentary filmmaking in Sweden, Hanli decided to focus on her freediving and now holds eleven South African Freediving Records, and has over ten years competitive freediving experience. She is now following her true passion: ocean conservation. With her background in journalism and documentary filmmaking, Hanli travelled extensively telling stories of conflict, hope, injustice and change from some of the world’s most challenged communities. 

This led her to found the I AM WATER Ocean Conservation Trust in South Africa, which combines the two challenges that motivate her: social change and conservation.  Having taught freediving to over 500 individuals, Hanli is a world-class instructor and coach with an unbridled love for sharing the ocean with others. She is also a sought after speaker and coach working with large corporate clients, sports teams and high profile individuals, Hanli has also participated in the prestigious TEDx forum and is one of the 2014 Young Global Leaders under the World Economic Forum. (Link to WEF/ YGL).

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