If there’s one question that keeps Lauren De Vos awake at night, it’s: “How do you make people fall in love with fish?” A deep reverence for wilderness drives her to find conservation solutions. Whilst completing her BSc Honours in Zoology at the University of Cape Town, she co-established the Green Campus Initiative, working with universities and UNEP to foster environmental awareness among the youth. Lauren has a background in understanding issues of human/wildlife conflict, as well as savanna ecology through the Organisation for Tropical Studies. Irrepressibly drawn to the ocean, she completed her MSc in Conservation Biology at UCT’s Marine Biology Research Centre. Since her first sunburnt days in the Stilbaai marine protected area, she’s been putting fish on film and has conducted in surveys all along the South African coast. Lauren now works for UCT with the 

South African Environmental Observation Network and the Save our Seas Foundation, managing the development of a GoPro biodiversity monitoring tool and has filmed nearly 400 hours underwater. Her passion lies in bridging the gap between science and the public, combining educational talks with writing, blogging and filming to translate the beauty of our wilderness heritage. Her first short film “A Return to the Sea” challenges our approach to conservation awareness and was selected by NHU Africa as part of the WildTalk Africa official documentary selection screened at the Durban International Film Festival in 2013. She is committed to using her science and film work to bring our oceans “ashore” and believes that, when sound research is combined with passionate communication, conservation solutions can, and will, be effected.