Peter Marshall is a world-class swimmer, ocean lifeguard, freediver, and underwater videographer with a heart to serve others. After graduating from Stanford University Economics Department, Peter chose to pursue his dream of swimming professionally. He rose to the top of the swimming world and had the privilege to travel to more than 25 countries. Peter is the current 50 meter backstroke world record holder (SCM) and in his seven years as a professional swimmer, Peter claimed 2 World Titles, 8 World Records, 11 American Records, and enjoyed 11 consecutive years of being a member of the USA National Swim Team. In 2011 Peter decided to retire from competitive swimming and began a journey of using his water skills to serve others.

When the Los Angeles County Ocean Lifeguards offered a chance to serve the beach communities in LA, Peter jumped at the opportunity to use his skills as a swimmer to help prevent drownings in one of the USA’s biggest cities. As a densely populated coastal city, Los Angeles is in constant need of competent Ocean Lifeguards. On his first day guarding Peter saved 7 people, all youth from the inner-city. This led Peter to seeking out I AM WATER and getting involved in long-term solutions to ocean ignorance. During the Northern Summers, Peter is part of the LA Country Fire Department Lifeguards, but is based in Cape Town during the southern summer months.

Peter is a qualified Pure Apnea Freediving Intructor and serves as CFO and Program Director for I AM WATER.