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I AM WATER believes in ocean conservation through transformative human experience.  We are working to create a movement of people who are in love with the ocean - a new generation of youth and adults who recognize that the oceans are important and need to be taken care of because the oceans are an integral part of what it means to be human on this planet.

We train teams of snorkel workshop leaders who share the ocean with kids who have never experienced kelp forests and coral reefs before. Our two day workshops not only educate and inspire youth to love and protect the ocean, they also work to develop the communities they work within. The leaders we train are a mix of seasoned ocean experts and members from the communities we serve. The funding you provide for each workshop not only provides snorkel gear, wetsuits, transportation, and food for the kids, it also provides crucial project based compensation to our workshop leaders. In the communities we work with, the human development and ocean conservation components must work together. The funds you donate for our workshops go directly towards supporting our oceans and underprivileged coastal communities. 

PayPal payments can be made here using our financial administrator's email: peter@iamwaterfoundation.org

Wire transfers can be done to South Africa, Switzerland or the USA - where we have non-profit entities. Please feel free to email us (info@iamwaterfoundation.org) if you have any difficulty with the below, every dollar, pound, yen, rand, euro or franc goes a long way for us!

USA: For Donations to I AM WATER Ocean Conservation Foundation (registered 501-C3)
Bank Name: Bank of America
Bank Address: 433 Cortland Avenue, San Francisco, CA 94110
Account Number: 325059509790
Branch Name: Bernal Heights
Swift Code: BOFAUS3N
Routing Number: 121000358 (paper/electronic) 026009593 (wires)

Switzerland: For Donations to I AM WATER Foundation Switzerland (registered Swiss Foundation)
Bank Name: UBS AG, Bahnhofstrasse 45, 8001 Zu?rich
CHF Account: IBAN: CH46 0023 0230 5577 5101 Q

South Africa: For Donations to I AM WATER Trust South Africa: (registered NPO & PBO)
BANK NAME:     First National Bank / Account No:     624 946 525 08 / Branch Name:     Tokai, Cape Town / Swift Code:     FIRNZAJJ
Clearing Code: 200409 (for Tokai Branch) or 250655 (universal)
Bank Address: (if needed for international payments)
First National Bank / RMB / Shop G18 Blue Route Mall / Tokai, Cape Town, South Africa / 7945



Charitable Giving Can Boost Office Morale While Helping The Community

Through charitable giving, a business can increase its local visibility while also improving employee morale. Businesses can sign up and either give as a business or their employees can elect to give monthly from their salaries. 


Sign up to become an I AM WATER Coach (dates coming soon), once training is complete you can donate your time at our I AM WATER events.

For your donation you receive freediving instruction and have the opportunity to join the I AM WATER Family of I AM WATER Coaches that help at our youth ocean workshops! 


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