" Isiqalo: The Beginning. Harnessing the power of sport to create a better future for vulnerable youth in South Africa’s townships "

Isiqalo Waves for Change is a wonderful organization run by I AM WATER friend Tim Conibear founded Isiqalo Waves for Change. This exceptional organization uses surfing as a platform to raise awareness in Cape Town townships about HIV, gender-related violence and leadership skills.

The youth Tim works with spend most of their time in the ocean surfing but never venture below- I AM WATER works to show them the wilderness under the waves and teach them valuable life skills along the way.

Mental confidence and control are important aspects of freediving. In order for these surfers to interact with sea life and get a good look around, they first must relax and hold their breath. I AM WATER teaches physical and mental stillness through basic yoga practice.

Not only do the kids learn personal power through stillness, they also get an educational ocean experience that leaves them intimately connected to the ocean and the wildlife that depend on humans to take care of the oceans. Kelp forests and seals are the best conservation tool there is!