I AM WATER is proud to partner with Umthombo Street Children, Tom Hewitt and his team in Durban. Thanks to Tom’s influence the kids from Umthombo Street Children are incredibly skilled surfers. Some program graduates have claimed regional and national attention on the competitive surfing circuit.

I AM WATER partners with Umthombo to showcase the underwater wilderness just below their surfboards! Even though these kids have been in the water countless times they had never been snorkeling around the reef or seen the fish that live under the waves they surf.




Our Durban I AM WATER Team teach the kids the importance of our ocean ecosystems, the challenges our oceans are currently facing, and different ways to help with everyday actions.

I AM WATER believes in ocean conservation through experiencing and connecting with our oceans. This experience is the critical piece that links people we work with to decisions they make from that day forward. We believe I AM WATER program graduates are more likely to take care of their shorelines once they experience the beauty and joy of our world’s oceans.